Here are the activities that were conducted on 25th Jan 2015…hope you like it as much as the kids did that day!


Age Group 3-5: Cherry Blossom Tree (Paper Punching Art)



Cherry Blossom Puncher x 1

White Paper Plate x 1

Brown Magic Pen x 1 (you can use brown oil paint as well)

Glue x 1

Pink Colour Paper x 1



1) With the Brown Magic Pen, draw the tree trunk & branches onto the paper plate.

2) With the Puncher, punch as many flowers as you want from the Pink coloured paper.

3) Glue the flowers onto the paper plate & decorate it the way you like it!


Once completed, you can decorate your room or home or your own special place with this piece of art on the wall.


Age Group 6-8: Felt Cherry Blossom


Light Pink Felt x 1

Bright Pink Felt x 1

Brown Pipe Cleaners 3mm size

Brown Pipe Cleaners 6mm size

Scissors x 1

Cherry Blossom Flower Template

Needle Nose Pliers x 1


1) With the Template, draw as many Cherry Blossoms as you desire with the Light & Bright Pink felts.

2) Cut the felt accordingly.

3) Fold the flower in half & cut a small hole. This is for the pipe cleaner to be passed through later.

4) With the Needle Nose Pliers, cut the 3mm Brown Pipe Cleaner into 4 pieces.

5) Roll the 3mm pipe cleaner (from step 4) 2 times to make it into a small circle. Then, put the pipe cleaner thru the small hole on the felt. Repeat for all felts.

6) With 1 piece of the 6mm Brown Pipe Cleaner as the main stem, use another 6mm Brown Pipe Cleaner to wrap the main stem.

7) Repeat for all Cherry Blossoms.

Age Group 9-12: Crochet Cherry Blossom


Light Pink Acrylic Yarn x 1

Dark Pink Acrylic Yarn x 1

Brown Pipe Cleaner 6mm size

Dark Pink Pipe Cleaner 6mm size

Light Pink Pipe Cleaner 6mm size

Crochet Hook 2.5mm x 1

Needle Nose Pliers x 1


1) To make the Cherry Blossom, work in circle, no sl st.

Magic Ring –> 5 SC –> [in each of the SC, make a sl st, HDC, 3DC, HDC, sl st.] in contrast color as the magic ring, as per the photo.

2) To assemble.

Cut the light & dark pink pipe cleaners into 4 pieces.

Fold half, then another half of the small piece.

Take 1 Brown Pipe cleaner as the main stem, & another Brown pipe cleaner to wrap the light/dark pink pipe cleaner that you folded earlier together with the main stem.

Continue to wrap the Cherry Blossoms until the end of the main stem.

Repeat for as many stalks as you like.

Well, hope you enjoyed this week’s craft! 🙂

2nd Week of Craft Activities
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