Here are the Craft Activities for 1st Feb 2015…this was very popular & we repeated the same craft for 3 weekends (on top of the other crafts of course!)! LOL


Age Group 3-5: Paper Plate Pom-Pom Sheep


Materials needed:

White paper plate x 1

Black Colored paper x 1

Googly Eyes x 2

White Pom-Poms or Cotton Balls





1) Cut the face of the sheep, plus the legs accordingly. I used free hand to cut, but you may choose to search online for a template that you like.

2) Glue the legs to the paper plate.

3) Apply glue throughout the entire paper plate & start putting the pom-poms/cotton balls on it. (Here’s when the kids had fun, throwing the balls to the plate & it stuck there! The younger ones were amused…)

4) Glue the googly eyes onto the face of the sheep.

5) Glue the face onto the top part of the plate. Remember to check the location of the legs before sticking the face on!


And, you are done!


Age Group 6-8: Fluffy Pom-Pom Sheep

This is 1 craft that even the adults could not resist & registered themselves to learn to make it!

Materials Needed:

Pom-pom Maker – various sizes depending on the size of the desired sheep

White Acrylic Yarn x 1 ball

Black colored foam paper x 1 piece

Googly Eyes x 2

Black colored Pipe Cleaner x 1




1) Thread the yarn over & thru the pom-pom maker until you are happy with the thickness. The thickness will determine how fluffy your sheep will be. So, thread on as much as possible (despite it being a very tiring process…lol)

2) Cut the Black Pipe Cleaner into half & place it into the center of the circle of the pom-pom maker. Bend it to secure the legs.

3) Cut the yarns & tie it tightly.

4) Glue the googly eyes onto the sheep face. You can try to search online for a template if you are not comfortable to cut it free hand.

5) Glue the face onto the yarn. Remember to check where the legs are!

6) Bend all 4 legs to desired length so that it can stand.

7) Optional: I glued the sheep onto a base plate so that it can stand nicely.

Cute huh?

Age Group 9-12: Mini 3D Origami Sheep

Materials Needed:

Red Origami pieces x 3

Beige Origami pieces x 16

White Origami pieces x 89

Black Origami pieces x 12

White colored paper for the ears

Googly Eyes x 2



Flower or any other decorations (optional)

Note: in case you need to refer to the diagram on how to fold the origami pieces, please refer to my previous blog here


1) Starting from the bottom up, you should have 12 of the origami piece on each row.

2) 1st 2 rows will be all White pieces.

3) 3rd row you will start to put 1 Red piece in between 2 Beige pieces. Fill up the rest of the 9 pieces with White.

4) 4th row put 2 Red pieces in each of the pocket of the Rec piece from 3rd row, then put 1 Beige piece on each side. Fill up the rest of the 8 pieces with White.

5) 5th row you will have 5 pieces of the Beige on top of the Red & Beige pieces from 4th row. Fill up the rest of the 7 pieces with White.

6) 6th row will have 4 pieces of Beige & 8 pieces of White.

7) 7th row will have 3 pieces of Beige & 9 pieces of White.

8) Finish off the remaining 2 rows with White.

9) Attach 2 pieces of Black on all 4 corners, spread them evenly. Then add the remaining 1 piece to all 4 legs.

10) Glue the ears, eyes & decorate it as you like!

Happy Crafting!

3rd Week of Craft Activities
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