This week, we start prep-ing our beloved kids on Mother’s Day gifts…

We are teaching kids how to make a bouquet of flower specially for their lovely mommy!

Here is what we have…we have flowers made with different materials…paper, tissue paper, crepe paper, Chenille Stems…these hand bouquets are for the older kids as the stems are wired stems…


When they were finished making the bouquet, we helped to tie a ribbon on the bouquet too!

These are for those who prefer having it done on a paper plate…

Tissue paper flowers plateCrepe paper flowers platePaper flowers plate

After the kids were done, we actually gave a heart shaped wand (made with Chenille Stems) to the kids, to reward them for making the mother’s day gift!


Although mummies had to pay for the craft, I’m sure it was worth all the investment to have their kids making such a special gift for them!

Happy Mother’s Day to all mommies!

14th Week of Craft Activities (3rd May 2015)
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