Following my previous blog on the extension of my love for craft, here is the 1st ever activity which we had conducted on 18th Jan 2015 at Malaysia’s 1st Kids Enrichment Mall… 🙂


Here are the highlights:


For Age Group 3 – 5, we made paper plate Fish. The kids will need to decorate the fish as well…

For this craft, you will need:

2 colored plates of your choice,

A pair of scissors,

Glue Stick and/or Tape,

Decorative items of your choice – can be stickers or cut from colored paper (in our case, you cut the hat, bow tie, and flower from colored paper,

Black paper for the eyes.



1) Cut the mouth according to your choice of size, in a pie shape.

2) Stick the pie shape to the back of the plate, in the opposite direction (pointy end facing inside). You may use glue or tape to stick the piece. This will be the tail of the fish.

3) Cut the eyes using Black Paper. Size: approximately 4cm each. You will only need 1 on each plate. Stick the eye on top.

4) Decorate the fish as per your liking… 🙂

And, you are done!


For Age Group 6-8, we made Woven Paper Fish Hanging Mobile…

For this craft, you will need:

6 different colored papers, all cut with 20 cm length & 2.5 cm width,

A pair of scissors,

Glue stick,

Thread to tie the fish,

1 piece of pipe cleaner or Chenille stem,

Hole puncher,

Googly eyes (optional).



1) With the cut colored paper, take 2 at a time (preferably constrasting colors), fold half and interlock them until you get the L-shape.

2) Take the next strip of paper by weaving it under the upper half of the folded strip and around the lower half of the folded strip. You should line the strip in the same color sequence.

3) Take the 3rd strip and weave the same way as the 1st. By now, you should be able to see the beginning of a checker board pattern.

4) Next, take the other color and weave.

5) Weave the next strip in the same manner as the 1st strip.

6) Pull all strips tightly together. Since they are interlocked, they should hold together tightly. Check both sides to make sure you have a checker board pattern on both side.

7) With a glue stick, stick the remaining edges together.

8) Cut off the 2 middle strips flush to the edge of the checker board.

9) Make diagonal cuts on all 4 remaining strips to make the fins and tail.

10) If you want, you can stick a pair of googly eyes on the fish.

11) With the hole puncher, punch a hole at the small square nearest to the top fin.

12) Tie the fish with thread.

13) Repeat step 1-12 to make another 2 fishes of different colors.

14) Hold 1 Pipe Cleaner/Chenille stem horizontally. Make a hook at each end using your finger to make a small circle. Tie the other end of the thread through the circle. Repeat with the other end of the pipe cleaner.

15) For the middle part, twist the pipe cleaner around your finger twice to make an 8 symbol (make sure the pipe cleaner is horizontal). Tie the remaining fish to the bottom circle. With another thread, tie the top circle. This is where you will hang the hanging mobile.


And, your woven paper fish hanging mobile is DONE!


And finally, for Age Group 9-12, we made 3D Origami Angel Fish…

For this craft, you will need:

2 contrasting colored papers of your choice. 1 main color, and 1 secondary color,

Red color paper for the mouth,

1 color for the base/stand.


If you need to cut the pieces from A4 paper, then the measurement is 3 cm by 6 cm or 2.5 cm by 5 cm (choose one size and stick to it). The bigger the pieces, the bigger your creation will be.


Here’s what you need to fold:

Red color – 1 piece

Main color – 31 pieces

Secondary color – 14 pieces

Base color – 15 pieces


Here’s a step-by-step diagram to show you how to fold the origami pieces.

Photo source:

Once all the pieces is folded, we are ready to begin!


Start from the Red piece, add 1 main color piece to each of the pockets on each row like this:

As for the base, the diagram is like this:

Yea, I need to improve on my drawing… LOL


Happy Crafting!

1st Week of Craft Activities (18th Jan 2015)
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