School holiday is just around the corner.

We have designed some traditional games for the kids to play! Best part is after they completed the craft, we actually played with them!

1) fishing game is one of our favorite! It is fun & many players can join in if you have enough fishing rods & fishes!

2) checkers is a very popular board game when we were young but kids nowadays don’t know what is checkers…I hope after this they will remember how to play this!
3) Tic-Tac-Toe is rather well-known among the kids so you can imagine many knows how to play them well.
4) puzzle time! We have lots of designs for the kids to choose from. And, we cut the pieces according to age too! Younger kids have lesser pieces, older kids will have more pieces to add up the complexity!
5) pairs or pexeso is when you find the card most relevant or associated to other card. In this case, we used Superheroes for boys & Princess for girls! Well, what can I say…of course the kids won most of the time as they grow up watching all these movies!
So…want to have a round of game?
24th Week of Craft Activity (9th Aug 2015)
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