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Here’s the craft activities conducted on 8th Feb 2015…


In conjunction with the upcoming Valentine’s Day, we set our mood towards that special occasion by teaching some V-Day crafts to the kids. Our main objective is to teach the kids to be appreciative towards their families.


On top of that, we continued last weekend’s activities due to popular demand (it was still CNY and the sheep is just too cute to pass on). To view the activities, please click here


Pop-Up V-Day Card for aged 3 – 5 years old

Material Needed:

Coloured papers



Decorative items like stickers, rhinestones

Colour pencils



1) With a preferred coloured paper, cut the paper into half.

2) Fold the cut paper into half. Draw 1 side of the heart shape onto the paper while keeping the paper folded.

3) Cut the heart shape, leaving some spaces uncut as per diagram.

4) Pull the heart shape to the front while keeping the rest of the paper at the back.

5) With glue, stick the paper onto another piece of paper (half of an A4 size)

6) With another coloured paper, cut a smaller heart shape and paste it at the center of the pop-up heart.

7) Let your imagination run wild with decorations!



Chenille Stems Family Tree for kids aged 6 – 8 years old

This is pretty hard to explain in detail. But all you need is lots of Brown Chenille stems, for both the branches (I put in accordance of the kid’s family members). Then use a lot for the tree trunk…


Popsicle Sticks Photo Frame for kids 9 – 12 years old

This is pretty easy to do so I won’t be explaining on the how-to as this is more of decorating the photo frame according to the kid’s favourite stickers! 🙂

4th Week of Craft Activities (8th Feb 2015)
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