Recently, I got an order to produce 26 units of Hanging Sheeps. It is to be hung on the ceiling of a mall in Klang Valley.

It took me almost 2 weeks to finally conclude what & how I want to make it. You see, since this is for hanging on the ceiling, certain important measures have to be taken:

1) It can not be too heavy, else it will damage the ceiling or worse, it will fall & hit the patrons.

2) It should be visible from the ground & must be eye-catching.

3) The Sheeps must be cute enough to attract attention.

4) It has to be sturdy enough to withstand the wind & not fall.

Honestly, I have not done anything huge before; so it took me 2 whole weeks, back & forth, researching & trying out all sorts of materials. Finally! After 2 weeks, I have come to a decision:

Option 1: very expensive

I use styrofoam ball & white pom-poms

I experimented with 2 sizes, 10in & 12in.

12in too heavy. So, I chose 10in.

Option 2: more reasonable (half the price of option 1)

I use plain coloured lantern & cotton balls

Again, I selected 2 sizes, 10in & 12in.

Still, 12in is heavier…but lighter than the 10in of option 1.

I showed it to my client & we confirmed to make option 2 since they will not be able to recycle The Sheep…the next Sheep year is in 12 years! By then, the whole thing would have fallen apart…LOL

Here’s what I made…

Batch 1: 18 units of 12in Lantern Sheeps (couldn’t get all same size)

Batch 2: 9 units of 10in Lantern Sheeps (I gave the sample together since I won’t be needing it.)

Took me about 4 nights without sleep to complete them. I’d say it is pretty fast…LOL

I used Black Foam to cut the head & legs. Thanks to hubby for helping with the cutting. Mind you, it took me several trips to different shops to get all the quantities that I want…Then for the eyes, I used White Felt & Black Foam for the eye ball.

Lastly, I tied the lantern with ribbons.

It was a great experience as it is so different from my normal orders. I can consider this as bulk order, in a much bigger size than what I usually do…

Let’s just hope it will look nice in the mall…:)

Oh yeah, after I completed the sheeps, guess what my younger son wants? He wants 1 of those sheep in his favorite color! So, we will have an Orange Sheep in da house very soon! As soon as I get a can of Orange Spray Paint! LOL

I shall post it on the blog once the Orange Sheep is done…hehehe

Hanging Sheep
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