And, we have a WINNER!

Yesterday, i posted a blog on my new experiment of sheep/lamb & did a little survey to find out which one is the most adorable one…so, the result is out! And,i gave her a name & a history too…:D

This is Clover, the Little Lambie.

Clover means prosperity, abundance, wealth, success, luck & overall well-being; which is highly auspicious for the Chinese. We Chinese sometimes can be very greedy & want all of the goodies yea! LOL

A little zodiac fact on sheep/lamb/goat…According to the Chinese Astrology, the Sheep/Lamb is the 8th sign & the number 8 is considered to be a very lucky number. It symbolizes wisdom, fortune & prosperity.

Clover is 18cm long & 10cm tall.

She is rather difficult to make as you can’t really count the stitches when using fluffy yarn…lol

But I love the outcome!

Clover is available for pre-order now! Grab yours before it is too late! 😀

2015…the Year of Xiao Mian Yang (little sheep in Mandarin)
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