I came back from work today & my eldest son told me it was his best friend’s (Ha Youn – she is a Korean) birthday today & they had a party in the school…I asked whether he knew today was his best friend’s birthday & he said no…he then mentioned that he wanted to give her a present (What’s new?) & wondering if I can make him a present…

After the last few incidents of rushed jobs to come up with my sons requests for presents, I got smart…:)
I’ve made many items, sitting in my craft area, waiting to be transformed into something special…
This time, I prepare a Minnie Mouse Keychain/Bag Charm.
I have always wanted to try making the signature icon…I think it is a success…as for the bow, finally I found the perfect bow from http://stitch11.com/botique-bow/…thanks to Corin Gray for the lovely design…love it so much! In fact, I enjoyed making the icon & bow so much I kept a few for emergencies like this round…:)
This is what I’ve made:
A Mickey/Minnie signature icon & Minnie’s boutique Bow
I added a card & voila! It’s ready to go!
Cool huh! So hope my son’s little gal friend will love it! 😀
Another Cute Keychain/Bag Charm
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