Who wouldn’t love a bear?

It started off with the bears I made for my eldest son, Constantine’s friends as a graduation present (you may refer my post in year 2012). Then Christopher, my younger son wanted an Orange bear, so I made him 1. And then Constantine wanted a green bear of a bigger size. Seeing his brother got a bigger bear, Christopher wants another Orange bear of the same big size as the brother’s.

After I completed the green bear & the orange bear, I started to crochet 2 bears for my girl, Annabelle (latest addition to the family). I chose Purple & Maroon. I also added bells in the bears.

Seeing the little sister got 2 bears, the boys also wanted 2 bears each. So, I have to make a brown bear for Constantine & blue bear for Christopher.

Then I continued to make 1 red bear & 1 peach bear for my cousins’ daughter.

So now, I have a group of bears in the house…each of them is about 13cm tall…

The bears are also available on FB fan page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Designed-With-Passion/172538912806601.

Don’t you just love’em?

Bears friends forever!
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