Chinese New Year is just a month away…to welcome the year of the Monkey…u should expect to see a lot of Monkey themed crafts…I really mean it 😜😜😜

After the successful decoration for Halloween & Xmas, we just can’t stop & we want to continue to challenge ourselves further!

So, for this CNY decoration, we made cute monkeys…


How can we not have the Cherry Blossom tree???

We even added some Mandarin Oranges made from Magic Nuddles…

We have lots of cherry blossom flowers on the floor too!

Not to mention a lucky cat made from foam AND fire crackers from Ang Pow packets! 😍😍😍

I even took out my pride possession…the pineapple that I made when I was a teenager…cool huh?

Best of all…the wishing board is made using LOTS of Perler beads…we even manage to make it in Chinese characters…


We also made 2 Lucky Cats out of Perler Beads & are now on display…hopefully they will bring us more sales 😊😊😊


This decoration project is making all the instructors excited but for Putra team…we actually got some kids to involve in the making!

This masterpiece took us about 2 weeks to complete which involved at least 50 kids! 😍😍😍

Super loving this!


Chinese New Year Decoration at Craft Space
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