This year’s Christmas, I handmade some gifts for my colleagues at work…they were shocked to receive the gift as they did not expect those were handmade by me…LOL

Here’s what I made:
1) Bouquet of Flowers
2) Flowers Keychain
3) Beary Keychain (2 big ones & 3 small ones)
All the above are for the female colleagues, and the below ones are for male colleagues…
4) Foodie Coaster
a) Cookies
b) Swiss Roll Cake
c) Fortune Cookies
d) Macarons
And, here a special gift for a female colleague that is going to get married days after Christmas…she likes White Lilies, so I made her a bouquet…
So, what do you think? This Santa is not bad huh…:)
Christmas is near & Santa is coming to town…
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