Are you ready for the upcoming CNY? i know I am…LOL


And, I have this to prove it!

Just so you know, in the Chinese Astrology, next CNY will be the year of Sheep/Lamb/Goat.

I have started to experiment with various type of sheeps/lambs.

In my opinion, we love Sheep or Lamb the best as they are much cuter…lol

Here’s what I have made so far…


This is the smallest one, i used fluffy yarn for the head & body.


This is bigger than the previous one, as I used a thicker yarn. The design is the same.


This one is done using popcorn stitches. But i think the head is too big…lol…none-the-less, my kids said this one looks like Timmy!


I modified the head & used normal single crochet stitch for the body. Hm…head looks fine now but not cute…


Side by side comparison of all the sheeps/lambs…


So, which one is your favourite? I can’t decide, so I shall do a survey!

Experimenting with Sheep/Lamb
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