Christopher’s home class teacher is leaving end of this month for family commitment, so we were thinking to give her a present!

This is what I made in 2 days:
Half a dozen of Roses, in multiple colors
I wrapped the flowers with ribbon so that it looks more like a real stalk. I don’t want to use the normal green tapestry as it is very sticky & difficult to wash it off. Plus, the dust will stick on it, making it looks very ugly over time.
I added 6 stalks of wild flowers, in various red & pink colors, also wrapped with ribbon.

Then, I add 4 stalks of Japanese Beads, each stalk has 3 beads, all wrapped with ribbon as well.
I made a Purple butterfly, this will be seen clearly why I make it…:)
For vase, I used recycled 500ml mineral water bottle, cut it according to my liking, decorate it with ribbons.
Ta-daaaa…it’s done!
Did you see the Purple butterfly?
It’s on a clip of which I clip it on a leaf…the card is still blank as I want Christopher to write it himself.
Like it?
Sometimes I think my kids are very lucky to have me as their mom…I make beautiful things that money can’t buy…LOL
I hope his home class teacher, Ms Sharon, will love it as much as I do!
All the best to you, Ms Sharon!
Farewell Ms Sharon…All the Best!
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