I was so busy preparing for Christmas that I missed the Halloween.

Obviously, Sue, Iris, Alice & Jo were not very happy about it! We have been talking for ages that we want to dress them up in Fairies costumes!

So, they have been upset until I finally find the time to change their costumes…And, I promised them that they get to be the Fairies until after New Year! 😀

In case you are wondering who is Sue, Iris, Alice & Jo, please read here

This is the Original Dolls Collection…they are in Japanese Costume:





This is their latest costumes:

It is based on the Garden Fairy theme…the details are in their dresses…

I dressed them up based on their favorite colors as well…:)

Sue – most difficult to do. There are many parts to attach. 2-tone skirt, yellow belt, yellow ribbon, blue hair embellishments, tiny yellow & blue flowers on both the buns.

Iris – I experimented a gown-like 2-tone skirt. Not bad! I like the 2 flowrs on the waist…

Alice – her dress is flare, Marilyn Monroe type; with a blue belt & blue ribbon. The hair has many flowers…

Jo – semi flare skirt with petals. She has many tiny flowers on her waist & bun.

Each of them is unique in a way…I was also experimenting with their wings, so you can see some are bigger than the others & some are rounded while others are pointy…LOL

Sue’ wings are long & pointy on both top & bottom part. Iris’ more rounded.

Jo’s wings are oblong where else Alices’ are rounder & fuller.
Personally, I love Alice’s wings the best…:D

Hm…seriously, without the wings, they look more like the Princesses, don’t you think so?

These cuties are available for sales. They make perfect Christmas gifts too! 😀 grab yours before they are gone…

Friendship Dolls as Flower Fairies
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