After completing the Big eyes Friendship Kokeshi Dolls range, I made 1 set of small eyes Kokeshi Dolls, using the prototype I made when I experimented the dolls.

2 reasons: my mom said small eyes resemble the real Japanese (she said Japanese don’t have big eyes) & the other is because it is for my girl’s playset. I don’t want her to bite the eyes off the doll’s head! LOL
Comparing to the original big eyes dolls, this range is also cute in its way. They look shy…but of course, it doesn’t resemble the characteristic of the 4 friends. The only one that is close enough is Alice…the rest definitely is not shy…LOL
My impression of Japanese girls is that they are shy & kawaii, especially when they are in their traditional costumes.
So, what do you think? Do you prefer the big eyes range or small eyes range? 😀
Big Eyes range:
Small Eyes range:
To make it easier for comparison, here’s the individual dolls line up:
Friendship Kokeshi Dolls – story continues…
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