After completed the plush version of the Friendship Flower Fairies Collection, I am off to make the Party Princesses range.

Basically, these are smaller in size compared to the Friendship Flower Fairies Collection plush, and if you notice, these are without the legs.

One range is similar with the Friendship Flower Fairies Collection, but without the wings. And the other range is in different colour outfit but same designs.

These are the range similar with the Friendship Flower Fairies Collection:


Sue – Front & Back




And these are based on the Seasonal theme:


Sue, in Autumn themed colour

Alice, in Summer themed colour

Iris, in Spring themed colour

Jo, in Winter themed colour


For these 2 collections, I made them into bag charms/keychains…


Can you guess who is who? 😀

The Party Princesses with the Original design of Friendship Kokeshi Dolls Collection

I really love the Princesses, don’t you? I’m sure I will make more! 😀

Friendship Party Princesses Collection – Bag Charm/Keychain
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