I have a friend who loves the color of Green. She has no idea why she loves the color though…

2 weeks back, we decided to meet up. So I made her something Green…these are my latest projects, so I just make additional for her since I don’t have much time to come up with a new design (been busy fulfilling orders…LOL)
This dear friend of mine happens to be a Workaholic too, so I prepared a card for her with the following message:
Dear XXX,
Have you wondered why you love Green color so much?
The secret language of Green is Balance.
Since you devote most of your time to work & most of the time complaining that you don’t have time for other things, could it be the reason why you love Green? As maybe it is trying to tell you to find some balance in your life?
I hope you like this Green bear. Her name is Balance.
I added a Lucky Star for you. Hope it brings you luck. Plus, since a star has 5 points, it represents work, health, family, friend & self.
With this, I hope you will be able to slow down & find some balance in all 5 areas of your life…
The doll is Jo. I dressed her in your favourite color! Much like you, Jo is hardworking, ambitious, passionate about her environment & loves power. She is one of the dolls in my latest craftwork Friendship Kokeshi Doll.
Hope you love the gift…
When I passed the gift to her & she reads the card, she laughed out loud…
But, I’m glad she loves the gift…:D
Green is the color of Balance
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