My girl is growing up too fast!

Now is the time to dress her up…:D
Here’s what I’ve made for her so far..although her hair is not quite growing yet…lol
Rhinestone Mickey icon…my girl is so in love with Minnie Mouse recently. So this should do the trick…lol…I made 1 in Red & 1 in Maroon. Stick onto the hair clip using hot glue gun.
Ribbon Hair Clip. These are from Satin Ribbons. Made 1 in Purple, her favourite color & the other is Red.
Chiffon Ribbons Flower Hair Clips. I made 1 in Pink & 1 in Yellow. In the middle, there’s a pearl bead.
This is my signature crocheted flower. So, I can’t avoid doing it…:)
I made 3: Orange, Purple & Dark Pink
Since she is still small, I can’t make too complicated hair clips…but I would, 1 day!
I’d have made more if there is no interruption…:P
So, stay tuned! I shall come up with Part 2 & more!
Hair Accessories for Girls – Part 1
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