After the successful launch of my Friendship Kokeshi Doll range few weeks ago, I was busy preparing another range of product. It took me awhile to make it as per my expectation, since they are so common in the market! LOL

Here it is…proudly presenting to you…the Expression Bears…
A little introduction to the bears…they are based on the colour of rainbow. You know, rainbow always brings joy & hope to people, I love the rainbow. Hence, there is no doubt that I make my bears based on the rainbow color. Each of the bears carries a different characteristic. Check out below for their names…:D
Just so we are clear how the rainbow colors order like…it’s Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet. (Abbr: ROY G. BIV – I saw it in 1 of the websites, it’s a brilliant way to remember the order…)
I have searched up the language of all the 7 colors from varies sites on the web so that we can understand more of each color.
Each of the bears is about 3.5in tall & it sits perfectly on my palm.
Here’s the bear line up:
1) Red Bear – LOVE
Red is the warmest of all colors. Red is the color most chosen by extroverts. For the Chinese, red is the color of prosperity and joy. Brides wear red and front doors are often decorated with Red clothed lanterns. Red is the color of Mars. Guess who is from Mars…no wonder my hubby loves Red…LOL

Red is also the color of passion, love and lust. That is the reason why we give Red roses to our loved ones most of the time.

If you need more love in your life, or courage to chase after your dream, bring Love, the Red Bear home. She will definitely shower you with lots of love…

2) Orange Bear – WARMTH
While red is associated with fiery heat, orange is associated with the benign warmth of the sun. A dynamic color, Orange offers a more thoughtful control than red. Curiosity is a driving characteristic of orange, and with it comes exploration of new things.
Orange is a power color. It also stimulates enthusiasm and creativity. Orange means vitality with endurance. People who like orange are usually thoughtful and sincere.
Hm…the description sounds like my younger son…no wonder he loves Orange color…
If you are an Orange person, or you’d love to be one, do bring Warmth, the Orange Bear home with you…
3) Yellow Bear – JOY
Yellow means joy and happiness. Like the energy of a bright sunny day, yellow brings clarity and awareness. It also symbolizes wisdom. People of high intellect favor yellow.

The shade of yellow determines the meaning. Pure, bright and sunny yellow is the easiest color to see. People who are blind to other colors can usually see yellow. Yellow is full of creative and intellectual energy.

This is my younger son’s 2nd favourite color after Orange.

Bring Joy, the Yellow Bear home if you need some happiness in your life or you need to see things clearly…

4) Green Bear – BALANCE
Green is the color of balance. It also means learning, growth and harmony. Green is the color of nature, fertility, life. Grass green is the most restful color. Green symbolizes the master healer, the life force, self-respect and well being.
Green is favored by well balanced people. Green contains the powerful energies of nature, growth, desire to expand or increase. Change and transformation is necessary for growth, and so this ability to sustain changes is also a part of the energy of green.

Does that mean my elder son is a well balanced person? Hm…

Balance, the Green Bear will help you find some balance if you feel your life is in a mess…

5) Blue Bear – PEACE

Blue is the coolest color – the color of the sky, ocean, sleep, twilight. A pure blue is the color of inspiration, sincerity and spirituality. Blue is often the chosen color by conservative people. Blue promotes peace and are used to calm ragged emotions. It also enhances the quality of communication.

Blue gives a feeling of distance. Artists use it to to show perspective. This is a good way to understand the energy of the color blue – it allows us to look beyond and increase our perspective outward. It contains a cool vibration that is helpful to communication.

Peace, the Blue Bear will help you relax & encourage feelings of communication and peace.

6) Indigo Bear – FAITH

Indigo is the color of the deep midnight sky. Indigo symbolizes a mystical borderland of wisdom, self-mastery and spiritual realization. It increases personal thought, profound insights, and instant understandings. While blue can be fast, Indigo is almost instantaneous. Inventors use indigo skills for inspirations that seem to ‘come out of the blue’.

Having Faith, the Indigo Bear around will sure help you to improve your confident & hope.

7) Violet Bear – PASSION
Violet is the color of purpose. Violet brings a new dynamic to the expansion of blue and the activity of red. Red brings practicality to the undirected expansiveness of the blue, and allows more creative energy to emerge. For this reason, Violet is associated with imagination and inspiration.
Violet is also the color of good judgment. It is the color of people seeking spiritual fulfillment. It is said if you surround yourself with purple you will have peace of mind.
Violet has been used to symbolize magic and mystery, as well as royalty. Being the combination of red and blue, the warmest and coolest colors, purple is believed to be the ideal color. Most children love the color purple.

Oh, Violet is my favourite color!

Bring Passion, the Violet Bear home if you need to give you some inspiration into your passion!

So, do you like my bears?
Why don’t you bring one home? 🙂

The Expression Bears will be available for sales at my Etsy Shop:
Go grab one now & enjoy! 😀
Introducing…the Expression Bear…
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