It’s my friend, Karis, birthday today. So I have decided to hand-make a present for her.

She is born in the year of Rat, according to Chinese zodiac.
So, here’s what I made:
Ok…let’s play a game…let’s see how many items you can find…:)
There are:
1) 1 Dark Purple Rose
2) 1 Light Purple Rose
3) 1 Light Yellow Rose
4) 1 Orange Wild Flower
5) 1 Red Wild Flower
6) 1 Pink Wild Flower
7) 1 Minnie Icon
8) 1 Pink Boutique Bow
9) 1 Pink Polkadot Skirt
10) 1 Dark Yellow Butterfly
11) 1 Turqouise Butterfly
12) 1 Dark Green alphabet ‘K’
If you can see all 12 items…good job! 😀
Oh, why I made a Minnie Mouse, you ask? I told you, my dear friend is born in the year of rat/mouse…:)
Happy b’day Karis! have a Blast!!! Hope you like the present…
Minnie Mouse Flower Bouquet
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