This is one of the very 1st bag that I’ve crocheted. Ordered by 1 of my dear friend…she wanted a matching Yellow bag for herself & her daughter but do not wish to buy those off the shelf as she wanted something unique…

So, I have crocheted this for her…glad that she loved it…

For mommy…the flower charm is removable & the yellow flower is removable too! This is to ensure the owner can redesign the bag according to her mood every time she uses the bag. Then, you can have 1 bag but few designs…cool, isn’t it?
For daughter…the flower charm is removable as well.
It wasn’t easy to come up with the design but I think I managed to get it done up to my expectation. Mind you, I’m a perfectionist…if things are not up to my expectation, i don’t display or sell it…:)

Anyway, according to my dear friend, here’s what she loved about her bag…this is attached to the zipper…it’s my signature design…:)

And what she loved about her daughter’s 1…the butterfly button ‘flying’ towards the flower charm…lol

After making her bag, the inspiration just flew in & I had to make a few more! I will share it out when it is done…:)

Mom & Daughter Matching Bags
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