Last year, I made a resolution to pick up a new skill & master it every quarter.


Starting in January, I have started to pick up Rainbow Loom. I know, I know, you may say that the craze is over. I won’t deny it. But what I am doing is not the bracelets, but other things.


I began the journey with Jelly Bands. Not my favorite type of bands though…the 1st item I made was this…it was done using the same method as crochet, only difference is the use of rubber bands instead of yarns…


1) 3D Star keychains…these are for my son’s party pack for his classmates…

2) This is for one of his classmate that will be celebrating his Birthday 2 days after my son…his name is Yuya, so I made an alphabet Y plus a star. I attached it to the crocheted car keychain to make it more personalized.

3) This is for his classmate that will be celebrating his birthday 3 days after his…he has Y & J in his name, hence the alphabets…and I attached it to the crochet car keychain as well.

Hmm…not a bad start…will be experimenting more items! Stay tuned!

New Craft Skill – the Beginning
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