After the launch of the Expression Bears yesterday, I have made them to be Bag Charms/Keychains so that we can bring them along everywhere we go…

Here’s the Bag Charms/Keychains:
1) Love, the Red Bear

Needless to say, based on her name, I definitely have to add a heart shaped charm on it…
2) Warmth, the Orange Bear
Isn’t it a heart warming smiley emoticon…love the big grin…
3) Joy, the Yellow Bear
What would you do when you are happy? You dance to the music of course!
4) Balance, the Green Bear
The star has 5 points. It represents health, wealth, family, friends & self…if you have balance in all 5 areas, you are well balanced!
5) Peace, the Blue Bear
Dove is the universal symbol for peace. Hence I added a dove. Not sure if it looks like one…LOL…but it looks cute!
6) Faith, the Indigo Bear
Faith is when you believe, when you hope…I added a Four Leaf Clover to Faith, so that it brings you more luck & confident.
7) Passion, the Purple Bear
Passion is all about pursuing one’s dream. The flower is my signature flower that I first made when I decided to pursue my dream, hence, I added it to Passion so that everyone has the courage to pursue what they dream of!
Do you like the Bag Charms/Keychains? Which one is your favourite?
These Bag charms/Keychains will be available for sales at my Etsy shop:
The Expression Bears Bag Charms/Keychains
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