This blog has been my longest overdue blog of the year!

I have been wanting to do some boys version of Toys out of yarns but never been able to start until now.
Of course, it is with a little ‘motivational’ push from my eldest son…lol…He told me that they are going to have a gift exchange for Xmas in school next week…everyone will have to prepare a little present & give it to a ‘secret’ friend they got through ballot system. He got a male friend. So, we have to prepare a gift for a male friend.
Not knowing what this friend likes, we better prepare some boys version of toys, just in case…
In case you are wondering why I make so many, this is because I also have a Christmas Bazaar coming up next week, so I’m preparing for it as well…:D I made 12 in total, all different colours!
This is not my own design, but I really love the shape of the car, so I’ve decided to make it regardless. You may refer here (
for the original pattern. I have mine a little modified.
They are just lovely!
Oh, since I am busy preparing for other items for the bazaar, i asked my 2 boys to take photos for me.
I can see that they put in a lot of effort & the result turned out great! Especially the track…
The wheels on the car goes round & round…
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