September is a great month with lots of birthday parties.

My cousin brother’s twin daughters were born in the month of September. So I made them something instead of buying.
What is more appropriate than making them the White twin sisters!
It is actually Hello Kitty & her twin sister, Mimmy.
While Kitty is widely known, Mimmy is not.
Here’s what I gotten from Wikipedia:
Kitty’s full name is Kitty White. She is born in the suburbs of London, England on November 1, 40 years ago. She is portrayed as a bright & kind-hearted girl, very close to her twin sister Mimmy.
Mimmy White is described as shy & very girly.
Since they are twins, there is no way one can differentiate them, except from their outfit.
Kitty wears a Red bow on her left ear & Mimmy wears a Yellow bow on her right ear.
There you go! Now you know who is who…:D
And since Kitty wears Red bow & Mimmy wears Yellow bow, I made them a Monroe inspired dress in Red & Yellow too! So you got matching dress & bow…
My cousin’s twin daughters loved them so much so that they were busy having fun experimenting different adventures with the White sisters! LOL
Happy Birthday to you both: Xin Jie & Xin Rae…
The White’s twin sisters are in the house!
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