Are you ready for V-day?

Ran out of ideas what to buy?

Considering something unique?

Here’s what you might like…

According to the internet, these flowers are in the top 10 of the most romantic V-Day flowers.

#1 Roses (Meaning: I Love You)
Roses have always been associated with love. But it is also based on its colors:
– Red: Love, Desire, Respect, Courage, Job well done.
– White: Charm, Secrecy, Silence, You’re Heavenly, Reverence, Humility, Youthfulness and Innocence.
– Yellow: Joy, Gladness, Friendship, Jealousy, Welcome Back, Remember me.
– Pink: Love, Grace, Gentility, You’re so Lovely, Perfect Happiness, Please believe me.
– Orange: Enthusiasm, Desire.
– Lavender: conveys enchantment; “love at first sight”.
– Blue: “I can’t have you but I can’t stop thinking about you”; mystery; “You are extraordinarily wonderful”.

In this case, I made 6 full bloom Blue Roses as Blue is my Favorite color…I add a lil’ light Blue Forget-Me-Not ( Not sure if you can see it, but it means faithful love)

#2 Daisy (Meaning: Innocence, Love, Purity, Loyal)
Daisy is by far my most challenging artwork. It took me awhile to figure out how to do it…I added some green fillers to 5 full bloom daisies (Haven’t figure out what is its name yet)…

#3 Tulip (Meaning: Perfect Love)
Tulips are symbolic of fame and perfect love.
– Red: “believe me” and are a declaration of true love.
– Variegated: “you have beautiful eyes”.
– Yellow: “there’s sunshine in your smile” and cheerful thoughts.
– Cream: “I will love you forever”.
– White: heaven, newness and purity.
– Purple: royalty.
– Pink: affection and caring.
– Orange: energy, enthusiasm, desire, and passion.

This bouquet comes with 3 full bloom tulips, 3 tulip buds, & 2 hearts…

#4 Lily (meaning: Beauty)
– White: “My First Dream Of Love”.
– Orange: symbolizes passion, wealth & pride.
– Yellow: symbolizes gaiety.
– Red: Love.
– Pink: Youth and Acceptance.
– Purple: Majestic, royalty.
– Lily of the Valley symbolizes sweetness and purity of heart.

I made both Calla Lilies & Stargazer Lilies…
This is 6 full bloom Calla Lilies with some shining Plastic beads…

This is 5 full bloom Stargazer Lilies with 2 lily buds…

#8 Wild Flower (Meaning: Adoration)

This is 12 full bloom flowers with some shining beads…You can consider changing it to Swarovski Crystals if you want, with extra charge…

#9 Daffodil (Meaning: Most Cherished Love)
– regard and chivalry; indicative of rebirth, new beginnings and eternal life; symbolizes unrequited love. It comes in White, Green, Yellow, Pink, Orange & Red.

This is 6 full bloom Daffodils with some green fillers…

Bouquets may be custom-made according to your choice. It can be any colors & quantities; whether you prefer to be in a vase or hand bouquet…

Even if you prefer other flowers, just let us know what flowers you prefer & its color. We will do it especially for you!

Each bouquet comes with a personalized message.

Prices as follow (And it is according to your preferred meaning):
1 Stalk = ove at first sight or devotion – RM 15 per stalk
2 Stalks bouquet = exclusiveness of a bond between two lovebirds – RM 30 per bouquet
3 Stalks bouquet = stands for “I Love You”, but in powerful way – RM 45 per bouquet
5 Stalks Bouquet = someone loves you more than you can imagine – RM 70 per bouquet
6 Stalks/Half a dozen Bouquet = someone loves you and misses you – RM 80 per bouquet
7 Stalks Bouquet = show a high degree of infatuation – RM 90 per bouquet
9 Stalks Bouquet = reassurance and they show that you will live with someone as long as you are alive – RM 100 per bouquet
12 Stalks/One dozen Bouquet = you are my one and only love – RM 120 per bouquet
13 Stalks Bouquet = I’m your secret admirer – RM 130 per bouquet
15 Stalks Bouquet = Please forgive me, I am so sorry – RM 150 per bouquet
24 Stalks/Two dozens Bouquet = miss you 24 hours everyday. Can’t stop thinking of you – RM 220 per bouquet

We offer delivery services within Klang Valley as well. Per trip is RM20 – RM50 depending on location. As for areas other than Klang Valley, we will courier it to your preferred address, at your own shipping cost.

Valentine’s Day Preps
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