The baby booties that I’ve made were so pretty I have to continue making more…and this time I made 4 pairs to go with my girl’s outfits…

1) Pastel Green Booties
2) Multi-color Booties (it’s so soft I have to stuff something inside to make it stand)
3) Beige color Booties (Did you see the ladybugs?)

Here’s the ladybug!

4) Yellow color Booties

In case you missed out the last blog on the booties that I’ve made, You may refer to it here:

Just so you know, I went shopping last weekend & saw Lovely Lace was selling those crocheted booties…very basic ones, without any flowers. They have 2 colors: White & Pink. Something like this design but with single color…no flower, only buttons…And, they have only 1 size…only for new born…
Take a wild guess how much are they selling…RM49.90 per pair…I was like: WHAT THE…? Simple booties without design going for RM49.90 & there’s still people buying it? I think my booties are much prettier than those! Do you think so? You think I should write to Lovely Lace & send them the booties that I made? Maybe they will buy from me instead? LOL…who knows right?
So, before I write to Lovely Lace, I think I should perfect my skills & come out with more designs so that I can build a portfolio…and, in order for me to do that, I need a reason to crochet more…I can’t just crochet for my girl alone…she will never able to finish wearing all!
As such, I have decided to sell them…see if you like any of the designs…if not, let me know…I will design 1 for you…the price per pair will be RM50 or USD15. Better grab it now before the designs go famous…LOL…it may not be just RM50 or USD15 then…hahaha
Who says Baby Booties got to be Boring? – Part 2
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