So, after completed all the boys’ toys i can think of (the cars & the airplanes), Constantine told me he wanted to give his friend Damien a Blue Bear…hm…

A bear? To a 9 year old boy? I seriously don’t think he will appreciate it…:D
So, instead of a bear, I’ve decided to make a car keychain/bag charm instead…not the cars that I’ve made as those are too big to be a keychain/bag charm.

Here’s what I made at the 11th hour, this is by far my most stressful project ever as I was also rushing for the backlogs I have for the Xmas Bazaar next week. This car took no longer than half an hour, but the cross stitch was the killer…the cross stitch & stitching took me more than 3 hours to complete!

Completed product:

The car with button wheels…:D
This is how it will look like on the backpack or school bag…:)
Pretty cool huh, i think it is much better than a blue bear for a boy…lol
Oh, this pattern is inspired from the original pattern, but not exactly the same as i motified the back part of the car…you can find the original pattern here:
Xmas Present Exchange Party 2014
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