This is the 1st School Holiday Program that we participated in. It is in collaboration with The School, where our flagship center is located.

It was tiring yet FUN! This is our 1st time handling so many kids at one time!

But when we see how focused they were in completing their craft, it was worth all the tiredness!

The kids were split into 2 age groups:

The 1st group that we managed were 6-9 years old, so we did Perler Beads Magnets…see how attentive the kids were…so satisfying!



This is for the younger kids aged 4-6. For this group, we did Magic Nuudles…we had a little challenge with this group as some of the younger kids were very cranky. It was probably because they were tired as they have had a long day of activities at the other participating enrichment centres & craft was the last activity of that day. And it was almost 4pm!

So every one of them were kinda tired…but they did manage to complete the craft…so it was still ok!


1st Holiday Program (8th – 11th June 2015)
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