2 weeks ago, we had a birthday party conducted at our craft center, Craft Space, located at The School in Jaya One.

Those who know me knows I always like to personalize everything! From apparels to accessories to parties! Yes, parties! I have been decorating my kid’s parties since they were born!

Emma’s party was no exception! Especially since it was be done at our own craft center! It would be such a waste not to decorate it, wouldn’t it?! I mean…it is something I’m passionate about & I love the look of a happy kid! So, I’ve decided to throw in a little surprise for our birthday gal…

Since the decoration will be a surprise, I had to be very careful when getting information from Emma’s mom. I asked about her age…Mommy told me to get some helium balloons to make the center more like a party…with 3 colors: Red, Pink & Yellow…

So, with the limited information, I tried to see what we could do…

Firstly, I needed a backdrop…so we DIY the backdrop with simple wordings, together with the birthday gal’s name. Since she is a girl, I put up flowers & butterflies on the backdrop. Lots of flowers & butterflies…

This is how the backdrop looks like when it was done…

Rainbow colored Roses on top of the backdrop, daisies of Red, Pink & Yellow are all over the backdrop & little butterflies of contrasting colors!


Oh, I even made a tiny tiara with blings…did you see it? I placed it on the top right hand side of the letter A in Emma!

Since we had decided to pick flowers as the theme, we also decorated the entrance to the party area with lots of flowers made from Chenille Stem…this is what we had done…


Oh! I even decorated the entrance with a fake cake…it has Emma’s name on it too!

At the other side where the food was served, I placed a huge Happy Birthday Banner on the wall. I also put up words “Emma is 4”.

At the 11th hour, a day before the party, we noticed that 1 of the cabinets at the entrance to the party area is very empty…so we cut out teddy bears & lots of balloons using foam to decorate it. We also put up some bear paw prints…this can be the photo booth for the kids!

OK…now we wait for the party to start!

Food area is all setup & ready!

Party started with kids having fun with beads!


It is fun watching kids putting effort to complete a task, especially at their young age. It was our honor to have Emma here at Craft Space too!

Hope the birthday girl had a blast with the party & loved the little surprises that we had put up for her big party! 😊😊😊

Mission accomplished!

Happy Birthday Emma!
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